Sunday, 2 October 2011

Tracks and Signs (2)

Jay Feather - Glastonbury

While out walking through the fields close to Glastonbury Tor in Somerset, I watched a pair of Jays in a tree, they can be quite loud with their calls. I had always wanted to find a Jay feather, as they flew out of the tree I asked them to leave a feather behind for me to find.

To my surprise a short distance later I found this Jay feather. This is called the 'Alula' very small in length and is situated at the 'thumb' remnants of the wing.

Not all birds have 'Alula' feathers. So I was both fortunate and pleased to have this tiny Jay feather.


  1. John, isn't it just beautiful? I have only a very small collection of feathers, but I covet them! One is from a Yellow-shafted Flicker and is just gorgeous. ~karen

  2. Hi Karen,

    Thank you, feathers are a work of art, but play a vital role. But so beautiful. I have gathered a collection that will appear on here over time. But there are some that I would love to see. Your Yellow shafted Flicker sounds amazing. John