Saturday, 22 October 2011

Eagle Owl

The eyes of an Eagle Owl

While I am recovering from a heavy cold, I was going through some of my old photos and came across two of an Eagle Owl that I would like to share with you.

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to have a close encounter with an Eagle Owl while traveling through Scotland.
It was the eyes of the Owl that caught me, deep and piercing.

Eagle Owls are very large birds of prey, and would take a Buzzard if they had to. Also heavy...But it was a moment I will never forget to have such a bird of prey perched on my hand.

I visited another bird of prey centre a few years prior ti this, I will post some of the shots in the coming weeks.


  1. Amazing bird - great photos!! I've never had or taken the opportunity to visit a prey center, but I would love to have that experience. Once we had a lady visit our school with owls. That was pretty neat, but I wasn't able to get up close and personal because she was really there for all the kids, not for me!! Hope you are feeling better, John. ~karen

  2. Wow, our national bird was eagle and this one was really cool, I love his eyes :)

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  3. Hi Ysabelle,

    Thank you for kind comment. Eagle Owls are really impressive birds. I was really captivated. And his stare was something to see.