Thursday, 25 August 2011

Peaceful Kew Gardens

                                                           Kew Gardens
                              Saturday 20th August 2011

I travelled from my home in Somerset to visit Kew Gardens, as the weather forcast was not that brilliant, so I thought I would avoid the rain. Sadly it followed me and the rain fell very heavily for nearly three hours., before and after the Sun shone and it was a lovely peaceful setting.

                Please enjoy a small selection of the photographs taken before and after the heavy rain,

The Pagoda above is the centre of attraction, once upon a time you could climb to the top, sadly no longer. The views were spectactular.

                              Above, found these fungi growing in the shelter of some Pine Trees.

Below, I was walking across the bridge over the main Lake, and saw this refection of the sky in the lake.

A sign of Autumn (below) with Acorns and Pine  Cones, Autumn seems to be ariving early this year, with some of the trees now showing signs of slowing down and changing Colour.

                       Found this fly resting on some berries just after the rain finally ceased.

                      Kew Gardens is World famous for it's Water Lillies, just two shots below

If you live in and around Kew you will know all about the Ring-necked Parakeets, noisey but they bring a little colour and charm, though some may think they are taking would be a shame to lose them.

If the Weather holds in September I shall be back at Kew looking at the changing of the Seasons and the colours. My favourite time of year.

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