Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Exotic Butterflies

Sensasional Butterflies -
London. 30th July 2011

I found myself in London over the last weekend and a visit to the Natural History Museum. They have set up a Butterfly House with free flying exotic Butterflies, allowing the public the get close to some of the Worlds most stunning Butterflies and Moths. With my love of these 'Angels' how could I resist. Ok they are not Wild but there is a reason for this Butterfly House.....conservation and how endagered are butterflies are in the World.

Here are the pick of the Butterflies seen on the day.

Bottom: Julia Longwing

The Clipper Butterfly

The Tiger Longwing

Below: Common Lime

Below: Plain Tiger

The huge Atlas Moths were just huge but only live for just 'day's' this is a pair mating while they were sleeping.

The Great Eggfly Butterfly.

The Natural World has some amazing Wonders, camoflage can be a key to survival...have a look below, a Dead Leaf or a Butterfly....this is in fact an Indian Dead Leaf Butterfly..just incredible how nature works.

The larve House you can watch Butterflies emerging from the Crysalis and drying out, before being released.
One Catapillar, of unknown species.

This Catapillar, had some very sharp spines running down it's back to stop predators from attacking it.

Below: Lacewing.

The Zebra Longwing, below

The very immpressive looking Owl Butterfly

This is an Indian Moon Moth, and is one of the largest Moth's in the World.

The Natural History Museum has a Wildlife Garden that is serene and peaceful, and also a haven for wildlife. Here are to shots of a Southern Hawker Dragonfly

And also close up Macro shot of the Southern Hawker's head

Thank you to the Natural History Museum for an impressive display of these stunning Butterflies, and the message of how important they are in our lives.


  1. Oh my goodness! A most wonderful place to visit. Your photographs are absolutely exquisite! It's so very difficult to select a favorite, as they all are especially beautiful. Lovely details, colors and wing patterns. I've never seen so many gorgeous butterflies and moths before. I bet it was hard to leave the Butterfly House. Fabulous, colorful post!

  2. Hi Julie,

    Thank you. It was as you say an amazing place to visit with hundreds of amazing Butterflies and the conservation of these beautiful insects. John