Wednesday 7 May 2014

Song of the Reed Warbler recorded at Ham Wall RSPB Reserve 03.05.2014

Sunday 4 May 2014

To hear the Nightingale just click the Orange 'play' button.

Saturday 3rd May 2014


Well it has been a while since I last posted, but it is good to be back.

What a better way to start than a visit to my favourite spots on the Somerset Levels for some Natures recovery remedy and with the Weather set fair to be Sunny and warm what a way to start.

A great days Birding and as it warmed up by Lunchtime there was plenty of Butterflies to be seen on the Wing.

I managed to get some sound recordings of some of the Spring Migrants on the reserves and I hope to post these very soon.

Birds Seen on the RSPB Ham Wall Reserve.

Great Crested Grebe (2),
Reed Warbler (5 seen singing from Reed beds)
Pheasant (1)
Grey Heron (3)
Cettis Warbler (1 seen, three calling)
Chiffchaff (2 seen)
Blue Tit
Great Tit
Chaffinch (6)
Tufted Duck (6)
Pochard (8+)
Gadwall (2)
Mute Swan
Canada Goose
Little Grebe ( 2 seen and 1 heard calling)
Bittern (6 Booming Males)
Buzzard (6 seen plus being mobbed by Carrion Crows and Marsh Harrier)
Blackcap (1)
Nightingale (1) (Recording of the Males song was taken)
Great White Egret (1)
Little Egret (2)
Swift (25 - 45)
Lesser Black -backed Gull (2)
Dunnock (2)
Long-tailed Tit (8)
Gargeney (3)
Magpie (4)
Whimbrel (10)

During the afternoon return walk through Ham Wall, I noticed a large Number of Buzzards 'Thermaling' over the Marshes I lost count at 33 I don't ever recall ever seeing so Many at one time.

The pools were full of calling Marsh Frogs, next time I hope to get a recording and will post this at a later date.

(Above) the perfect Spring afternoon, Glastonbury Tor shimmering in the Warm Spring Sunshine.

Moving over to Shapwick Heath Nature Reserve.

Kestrel (2)
Black-tailed Godwit (28+)
Lapwing (3)
Willow Warbler (2)
Peregrine Falcon (1)
Buzzard (pair displaying)
Swallow (6 - Decoy Hide)
Bittern (1 - Seen flying low over reeds)
Kingfisher (1 - Decoy Hide)
Gargeney (3 - Decoy Hide)
Reed Warbler (3)
Carrion Crow (7)
Great Crested Grebe (1)
Marsh Harrier (2)
Hobby (5)

During the afternoon there were plenty of Butterflies to be seen:

Orange Tip
Small White
Small Tortoiseshell
Small Blue (1)
Marbled White (seen along Ham Wall trails)
Speckled Wood

Some of the Butterflies were very 'flighty' and would prove to be very difficult to work with despite my polite requests for Photo's.

Both reserves are wonderful places to go looking for Wildlife at any time of the year, but when Spring arrives it is an amazing place for Birdsong. After a hectic week it really is Natures Cure.

Saturday 6 October 2012

Kiliamanjaro update

Hi everyone,

Just thought it would be good to update everyone on the fund raising for Alzheimer's Society. We are preparing for lots of auctions at work that will raise a lot of funds for the Charity. The training for climbing Kilimanjaro has started with plenty of fitness training to come.

One event I have agreed too is a sponsored Head Shave, if £500.00 is raised by making donations via my Just Giving page I will have my head shaved. Something I have never agreed to in the past.

If you would like to sponsor me losing my hair ... please click on the link below. Thank you.

If you would like to mention my fund raising for this great cause I would of course be very grateful.

Thank you for reading this and helping this great cause.

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Tuesday 25 September 2012

Kilimanjaro Charity Trek

Wednesday 26th September 2012

Firstly very sorry for being out of action for so long, I have been too wrapped in work over the best part of this year..

I have exciting news. To raise much needed funds for the Alzheimer's Society, I am going to be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in January 2013. This will be the biggest challenge I have ever faced but it will the most exciting at the same time.

In the meantime I have to raise £4,000.00 for the Alzheimers Society. So lots of fund raising in the coming weeks and months.

I have set up a direct JUST GIVING web page were you can donate direct to the Charity.

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I would be very grateful for any donations large or small. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.


Sunday 1 April 2012

First Angels of the Spring

First Butterflies of the Spring.

Saturday 24th March 2012

A few technical hitches with my internet prevented me from posting this over the last week. Apologies for lack of photos, still cannot upload as yet.

We have had a lovely warm sunny week in the South West and I enjoyed a Spring walk through Exminster back along the Canal back to Exeter looking for Signs of Spring.

On Exminster Marsh, a lone Buzzard was being mobbed while soaring on thermals. At high tide the Curlew were rossting on the Marsh, guessing there were in excess of 400. Among them a lone Littel Egret patrolled the shallow pools.

As it warmed up, I was happily surprised to find 3 Small Tortoiseshell Butterflies and a single Small White closer to Exeter a single Speckled Wood and a Red Admiral.

Back in Taunton along the Taunton Canal, three stunning Kingfishers were seen together with a Male Blackcap and a sunning Peacock Butterfly. Spring has arrived.

Update: Thought it was too good to be true, they are now forcasting colder weather with Snow coming back. How do you go from sunning yourself on the beach one day to getting your thermals back on the next.

Wednesday 29 February 2012

Otter sighting

Taunton and Bridgwater Canal
Tuesaday 28th February 2012

Walking to work this morning, I noticed my first Skylark of the Spring over a field near the Canal, singing and hanging quite high in the sky. Brought a real touch of Spring. Lovely to hear the first singing Skylark. If that was not enough the return walk back from work along the Canal close to home at dusk brought my first Otter sighting what more it had a fish. It was a real surprise, I know they had been seen along this part of the canal, but it was great to see. Now I want to see more.