Sunday, 3 July 2011

Butterflies of Berry Head

Saturday 2nd July 2011.

My first post on my blog, a day trip to Berry Head to look for some Butterflies and any other Wildlife on view.

It turned out to be a very warm and sun filled day. It is a popular spot for day trippers and dog walkers, but there are some quiet little sunny spots were you can find Butterflies.

First Butterfly to show was a Small Copper, trying very hard to avoid being Photographed.

I have always found Marbled Whites to be very tricky to photograph as they always tend to be very flighty. But after being very patient I managed to track this one (below) and get a distant shot. Later in the day I watched a pair in a courtship flight.

Some of the Wildflowers of Berry Head are now starting to show, including the Great Mullein (below), in a short time it will be spike of bright Yellow flowers.

There was a good number of Ringlets on the wing basking in the warm sunshine. By the end of my stay at Berry Head I had counted 25.

Below is only one of the two Comma's seen today. But found this one tucked out of the way in a sunny glade away from the many people.

One of the most common wildflowers to be seen on Berry Head is the Perenial Cornflower. Despite being very common it is one of my favourites to shoot.

After resting and enjoying afternoon tea at the Berry Head Fort cafe, I found this Green-veined White feeding on nectar.

Sadly no sign of any Adders or Grass Snakes despite the very warm temperatures today. But who know's maybe on my next visit.


  1. That Small Copper is absolutely beautiful!! All of your photos are stunning. I've never gone out specifically to go butterflying!! Are there any tips you can share with me?? ~karen

  2. Thank you Karen, not really had a Summer since this post..very grey and damp. For watching Butterflies, choose dofferent locations and sheltered sunny spots and your 'Angels' will appear. Do you have a good Butterfly guide..Patience for different species is required..but the pleasure is amazing. John